Gargoyles, Ghosts, and Grotesques
of the Golden Gate

Photography and Book Signing

Anne Leong & Sharon Leong

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Art Opening & Book Signing

Sweetie’s Art Bar

Friday, March 1, 2019

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Meet the Leong sisters- artists, photographers, and authors of Gargoyles, Ghosts, and Grotesques of the Golden Gate. Images from their book printed on metal will be on exhibit in Sweetie’s Black & White Gallery and copies of the book will be also available for purchase - only during the opening.

The exhibit is open during Sweetie’s regular hours through March 31.

Online Exhibit

About the Artists/Authors

Sharon Leong and co-author and contributing photographer Anne Leong are sisters and award-winning photographers, paranormal researchers, and gargoyle hunters. Their art and photography are shown in galleries across the United States and have garnered attention from art lovers and collectors from all walks of life.

As passionate as they are about photography and art, Sharon and Anne are equally enthusiastic about ghost-hunting. Their passion for the unknown had led them to appearances on paranormal television shows, such as the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," and the History Channel's "Mystery Quest" in the United States, as well as an appearance in an episode of the British paranormal reality television series, "Dead Famous."

Additionally, they’ve conducted workshops on the paranormal and presented at paranormal conferences on their field research. And they’ve traveled the world over in pursuit of their passion.