truth or consequence - Redux

Jacque's show continues through July with a refresh of new paintings to mix with the current show and replace art sold during June. Brilliant colors, dreamy images, so much to engage eyes and brain in this show. Goes beautifully with a pint of fresh beer.



About The Artist

Truth or consequence is an exhibit of work by Jacques Bartels from the past two years of his new life here in Northern California.

Its main focus is a collection of drawings and paintings of his muse, model and now fiancé. The show's name, is a homage to the town in New Mexico, above which in a plane the painter proposed to his muse.

Jacques jumps from traditional oil painting to inks and drawing media, always trying to find the right mark to depict his vision. As always his homage the Viennese Secession, and turn of the century art is apparent. Both are a life long influence on his work.

Jacques continues to paint and draw every day in Santa Rosa,California.