Susanne O'Gara

Off The Wall
Selected Paintings, 1950 - 2015

North Beach First Friday
May Artist

Sweetie's Black & White Gallery


About Susanne O'Grady

Like so many artists, Susanne O'Grady discovered her love of art at a young age beginning with early wall drawings,much to her mother's dismay.

Apprenticing herself to art, she studied and created through high school and majored in Art History at Smith College where she roomed with the late Nancy Reagan nee Davis.

After graduate art studies at Cleveland Institute, Susanne moved to Los Angeles with her actor husband. She's continued to paint in oil and studied at UCLA and with area teachers including Dorothy Royer, Sueo Serisaw and Deda Jacobson. 

Josh Pryor, Susanne's son, curated the exhibition and selected art from the walls of Susanne's home and studio.

Susanne continues to paint today, she's 96.

Susanne O'Gara.JPG

Susanne in her studio a few years earlier.