Pool Maintenance

It's that time again when Sweetie's schedules the summer pool maintenance and it doesn't involve chlorine. It involves a special green fabric known as pool felt that needs to be just so for the best games of pool.

According to professional pool trick shot player Tim Chin, "...good cloth will give a truer roll and generally play "faster," meaning the balls will roll further if struck at the same speed. This allows players to worry more about finesse than power which will help increase their accuracy."

You may notice other improvements with the game equipment. Enjoy you next game and focus on your finesse. Sweetie's wants all our pool players to play their best games with us.

Sweetie's Bartender Makes the Very Local Press

If you're a Sweetie's regular, you know bartender Randy Harris. And if not, drop in and meet him soon on either Sunday afternoon or Monday during hours. The Marina Times saw fit to mention that he is serving drinks at Sweetie's now and good drinks he serves. Randy worked at the still-missed Gold Spike, the New Pisa and Capp's Corner.

And he's also a published author (We don't hire just any body for our bar!). After traveling to Asia, Randy was inspired to write the story of 'Tua and the Elephant', which was published by Chronicle Books AND reviewed in the New York Times.

Buy his book, buy a drink...from Randy of course.

Randy Harris

Muttville Receives Donation from Sweetie's Art Bar

A big thanks to all those who purchased the 2016 Sweetie's Dog Calendar. We donated $190 to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a donation made up of $5 from every calendar sold.

Make plans now to purchase your 2017 calendar later in the year, and now that we have our benchmark, let's raise more money for senior dogs.

Here are a few pictures from our visit to Muttville earlier this spring.