Time After Time

Laurel Anderson Malinovsky


Online Exhibit

Closing Party - Sunday, January 27, 2019

Time After Time
Laurel Anderson Malinovsky

Sweetie’s Art Bar- Black & White Gallery

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

475 Francisco Street, in North Beach
San Francisco


Laurel Anderson Malinovsky


The concept of time has always fascinated me – it is my nemesis and my inspiration. It can cause great anxiety when I can’t manage it wisely, can’t get somewhere on time or have another birthday, but has allowed me to become older, wiser, know who I am and what I want and grow and hopefully, to be a better person.

Is time infinite, or does it have a beginning and an end? Will we ever be able to travel through it, into the past or future, or are we forever to remain in our linear path from birth do death? Memories of the past and what the future might hold are the precious gifts that time has given us and ones that I will always be grateful for.

Join me to experience and explore what time means to me, observe a little time travel and to think about what meaning it has for you. The possibilities are endless…

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Time After Time is also a part of North Beach First Friday.
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