Salute to the Grand Canal Geoffrey Humphries  Sold

Salute to the Grand Canal
Geoffrey Humphries




Alberto La Versa & Geoffrey Humphries

Selected Works from Rialto-Mercato in North Beach

Curated by Flora de Gaspar

On Exhibit Now

Black & White Gallery

475 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA

Open during Sweetie’s hours.

Alberto la Versa is a Venetian artist who is faithfully following the grand 18th century tradition of the Vedutisti- the first city-scape painters.

He works in situ, that is on sight, inspired by his home's unique beauty. A delicate hand and whimsical touch capture Venice's allure.

Geoffrey Humphries is a British painter who has made Venice his home for over 50 years.{Look for him in Anthony Bourdain's episode on Venice.}

He is old school, drawing and painting every day, no matter what. His natural talent, enhanced by discipline and maturity creates images that are a true pleasure for the eyes.

Flora de Gaspar, original owner of Da Flora, opened Rialto-Mercato around the corner from her iconic Venetian- style restaurant three years ago. This small door front at 705 Columbus Avenue leads to Flora’s Venice and offers curated Italian wines, gourmet foods, tea, spirits and spices along with artwork and art books inspired by her time studying art in Venice and her travels in Europe.